Welcome to our new ITSCoRe Team Members

We have two new members of our ITSCoRe project team: Amber Gardner and Amy Smith

Amber and Amy will participate as graduate research assistants. Together, they bring over two decades of experience in K-12 education. The work of ITSCoRe will benefit from having such seasoned classroom teachers as part of our team.

Read more about Amber and Amy on our ITSCoRe team page.

Introduction to Our Techtivities

We have a set of 5 dynamic computer activities, “Techtivities,” developed in collaboration with Dan Meyer and the team at Desmos.


The Techtivities link animations with dynamic graphs, in innovative and exciting ways. Students working on the Techtivities can have opportunities to form and interpret relationships between attributes capable of varying and possible to measure.


In this video clip, Heather Johnson talks about the Cannon Man Techtivity:


So far, the Techtivities are available in three languages:





The Techtivities are free for others to use. We hope you will try them and let us know what you think!

ITSCoRe Project Description

The US has a high priority societal need to prepare an increasingly diverse population for participation in STEM professions. CU Denver serves an increasingly diverse student population—57% of new freshman in 2016 identified as students of color. Promoting students’ opportunities to learn in gatekeeping, introductory college level math courses, such as College Algebra is of utmost importance for students’ persistence in STEM majors. Situated within an existing university structure to promote students’ active learning in College Algebra, ITSCoRe is scalable for use across colleges/universities. Leveraging Desmos—a freely available digital math tool, ITSCoRe will provide web-based Techtivities, which will promote sharing project products with a wide range of stakeholders, including those invested in both K-12 and university education.